Friday, December 3, 2021
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‘Abortion is murder…Those who carry out abortions kill,’ declares Pope Francis

Pope Francis continues to straddle the fence on abortion, saying flatly on Sept 15 that it is "murder" at virtually any time in pregnancy,...

Pope’s pro-gay-marriage comments draw quick praise from U.N. boss

The United Nations has placed its public seal of approval on Pope Francis' recent comments supporting same-sex marriages: that homosexuals were "children...

Pope Francis calls for civil union laws for gay couples

Someone call the Freedom From Religion Foundation: The pope is saying laws should be made to give legal protection to same-sex couples.

Vatican gives money to transgender sex workers in Italy after business...

This isn’t going to look good for Catholic priests: The Vatican has routed money to a group of transgender sex workers in...

Ex-Pope links gay marriage, abortion with the Antichrist in new book

Former pope Benedict XVI is saying that not only is the world actively becoming unchristian, it is becoming anti-Christian.

Pope says Nativity scenes belong in town squares, schools

In a move sure to inflame the open-minded left, which eagerly embraces all traditions, cultures and faiths as long as they are not Christianity...