Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Bill that mirrors Florida’s anti-grooming legislation introduced in Ohio

The crackdown on gay grooming of the youngest children in U.S. public schools has spread to another state, this one in the Midwest. Republican lawmakers...

Arlington police to include hate incidents in policy reporting hate crimes

Last Thursday, the Arlington police chief, Will Johnson, announced to expand the department’s existing hate and bias crime reporting policy to incorporate...

Mawyer: ACR99 Conformity on LGBTQ is Betrayal of Truth/Bible

A resolution bill that Christian Action Network President Martin Mawyer Friday called hubris on a grand scale, the California legislature would ask...

Poor Health Linked to Sexual Disorientation, Transgender Deception

The Daily Mail - Transgender adults are more likely to be in poor health than those whose sex matches what it says...

Court Rules Cake Designer Can Advance Religious Bigotry Case

Though a Colorado government commission got a beat down from the U.S. Supreme Court, they came right back to hit their victim again. And...



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