Citing ‘feelings,’ Marine general surrenders on confederate flags at bases

The confederate flag has been banned from the Marine Corps Credit: AFP

The commander of the United States Marine Corps has formally surrendered to the media and political correctness, reports the UK Sun, and has banned any display of the Confederate battle flag on Marine bases.

In laying down his sword, David Berger, the highest-ranking officer in the Corps, said members of the Marine Corps will no longer be able to fly the flag due to the possibility of hate speech and the desire to limit “offensive or divisive displays” in the military.

The ban on the flag is based on feelings; in fact, Berger used the word “feelings” at least twice in his official statement on the matter.

“It is time to act to exclude from our Corps public displays of the battle flag carried by the Confederate Army during the American Civil War,” said Berger in a statement released on April 23. “I am mindful that many people believe the flag to be a symbol of heritage or regional pride. But I am also mindful of the feelings of pain and rejection of those who inherited the cultural memory and present effects of the scourge of slavery in our country.”

He added: “This symbol has shown it has the power to inflame feelings of division. I cannot have that division inside our Corps.”

Reports had been circulating since February that Berger had ordered the removal of Confederate-related items from Marine bases, but there was no date for this to take effect, nor any further information on the reasons for the decision.


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