1957 Photos of Secret Gay ‘Wedding’ Show Cultural Change in America

According to archivists, the store owner of the shop where photos of a homosexual wedding were taken in 1957 deemed them inappropriate because there were shots of two men kissing. (ONE Archives photo)

The Daily Mail – Happiness was etched on the faces of the two grooms holding hands during their vows, as they ceremoniously cut the wedding cake, shared their first kiss, opened presents and danced with friends.

But while the occasion was joyous, the shadow of 1950s America, where gay rights were unrecognized and legal same-sex marriage was many decades away, was present. The window shades at the apartment remained firmly shuttered.

Nonetheless, like most couples do, one of the men took the photos to the neighborhood drug store to be developed sometime in 1957. As far as Bob Skiba, a curator with the John J. Wilcox Jr. Archives of Philadelphia, knows, the man never came back to pick the photos up.

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