Churchill branded as ‘white supremacist’ and worse than Nazis at UK university debate

The British Empire was branded 'far worse than the Nazis' during a controversial debate about Sir Winston Churchill's (pictured) legacy last night

Leftists bent on plunging the world into bitter racial war continue to show that as long as they are allowed to lie, their untruths will grow ever more audacious and outrageous.

During a Feb. 10 online discussion held by Churchill College, Cambridge in the UK, the British Empire was branded as “far worse than the Nazis.” The World War II-era prime minister was also described by an academic as a “white supremacist” who profited from Britain’s “heavily skewed national story.”

The online discussion itself was aimed at Churchill’s “backward” views on empire and race, and was part of a yearlong “inclusivity” program, according to

Kehinde Andrews, a professor of black studies at Birmingham City University, showed the liberal tendency to replace scholarly analysis with hateful, race-obsessed condemnation when he said: “The British Empire was far worse than the Nazis. They lasted longer and killed many more people.”

Of Churchill, he said: “There is no debate. His white supremacy is pretty much on record and the question here is why does Churchill still hold the level of popularity that he does? It’s almost like he’s been beatified – a saintly figure beyond reproach.”

Professor Andrews has previously ranted that Britain was “built on racism” and called RAF airmen who bombed Nazi Germany war criminals.

He also attacked the former PM’s contribution to the country: “Was it Churchill out there fighting the war? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t. I’m pretty sure he was at home.”

As were factory workers, families, public service workers, farmers, postmen, military planners and probably a good many academics.

“I’m pretty sure that if Churchill wasn’t in the war it would have ended the same way.”

The comments made at the college, named in Churchill’s honor, were called “execrable” by the former leader’s grandson, Sir Nicholas Soames.


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