Activist group opposes Air Force Base for selling ‘Jesus Candy’

Photo by Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images

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An activist group dedicated to sniffing out and erasing all references to Christianity in the U.S. military is blowing the whistle on “Jesus candy” sold at Peterson Air Force base in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Daily Wire reports.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), which has blasted the Air Force base before, said it got an email stating: “The base exchange at Peterson Air Force Base is currently selling ‘Jesus’ candy.’ The exchange at the Air Force Academy was also selling ‘Jesus’ candy at Halloween, although I didn’t get any pictures of that.”

Mikey Weinstein, founder and president of MRFF, told Crooks and Liars: “Peterson’s selling of for-profit, clearly marked ‘Jesus candy’ at its base exchange (BX) is merely the fundamentalist Christian straw breaking the MRFF clients’ backs. Any pathetically-proffered pretense by the U.S. Air Force at Peterson that Christmas is a mere secular holiday is totally belied and betrayed by this in your face sale of this ‘proselytizing’ candy with the fundamentalist Christian version of its ‘God’s name’ emblazoned on all over the packaging.”

Weinstein added, “Peterson Air Force Base, located deep in the intolerant, fundamentalist Christian enclave of Colorado Springs, Colorado, has consistently been one of the most horrendous military installation abusers of the Constitutional mandate to NOT establish Christianity (or any other faith or even ’non-faith’) as the de facto armed forces State Religion … MRFF has fought many battles throughout our long years of civil rights activism at PAFB against this wretched, fundamentalist Christian, religious extremist bigotry and prejudice.”

Seeming increasingly agitated, Weinstein continued: “The ‘elephant in the living’ room fact is that Peterson is well over two years late in releasing its own official ‘religious climate’ survey to MRFF pursuant to well established Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) time limit mandates. So what the hell is Peterson terrified to publicly release to MRFF? MRFF’s litigators have this very same Peterson FOIA case now for further disposition to compel Peterson to release this hidden ‘religious climate’ survey.”

First Liberty Institute lawyer and director of military affairs Mike Berry told Fox News, “This is just the latest publicity stunt by a bunch of activists. A real constitutional expert – or any first-year law student – knows that selling candy canes at Christmas is perfectly legal. Of course, the MRFF has its own version of the Constitution. Sadly, the MRFF has duped its so-called ‘thousands’ of alleged clients into believing its dubious legal fairy tales.”


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