American Express is considering charging different prices based on customer’s race

American Express/ Facebook

People opposed to knee-jerk, institutionalized racism have launched an effort against credit card giant American Express, which has adopted policies to oppress and marginalize its white workers, hire unqualified black workers and managers and even disparage capitalism itself as part of “white” culture.

The company even wants to charge people different rates for services – based on their skin color.

According to FOX Business, Manhattan Institute senior fellow Christopher Rufo promised the company that “we’re coming after you,” as he and other outspoken critics launch the UnAmerican Express campaign to stop such “racially divisive policies” – varieties of which have been adopted with almost obsessive conformity by dozens of other big corporations – for good.

“American Express is…hosting a critical race…theory style training program for its employees, teaching them that the United States is fundamentally racist, that capitalism is fundamentally racist and then promoting the idea that all of their white employees have white privilege that they need to atone for,” Rufo told Varney & Co. on March 24.

Meanwhile, Color Us United president Kenny Xu has also joined the fight to battle the corporation’s “wokeness,” and hopes their UnAmerican Express campaign efforts will put an end to the company’s critical race theory training programs.

Rufo asserted that the American Express CEO Stephen Squeri and his corporate training “are not only racially divisive but potentially violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

“[The policies] promote race-based stereotyping, scapegoating, and harassment. We know that other companies in that industry are backing away from their critical race theory style programs…we’re just trying to really pin them up on that leader board to say this is one of the worst offenders,” he stated.

The UnAmerican Express campaign aims to persuade investors in the credit card company to completely separate themselves from Amex until their “fundamentally racist” woke policies no longer exist. To “cancel” the company, to use a familiar phrase.


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