America’s March Toward LGBT Supremacy: Now More Evident than Ever

America's March Toward LGBT Supremacy
The Pride flag takes center stage at the White House (Twitter/Tom Fitton)

As the White House flanks two American flags around the Pride flag, a clear message is being sent that the Radical Rainbow Mafia is now in charge

I can’t be the only one who felt a jarring pit in my stomach last Saturday when the Rainbow Flag took center stage, hanging between two American flags, during Biden’s White House Pride celebration.

In an era where the White House uses optics as a weapon to gaslight the American public, the message couldn’t have been more obvious:

The proud legacy of our nation, its founding principles, and the shining beacon it once was are now being threatened by the radical, unyielding demands of what can only be described as the Radical Rainbow Mafia.

The undeniable transformation of America’s identity is occurring right before our very eyes, unapologetically and unyieldingly.

Once a powerful emblem of our God-given rights, liberty, and justice, the American flag is now perched to play second fiddle to the rainbow-colored LGBT flag and its totalitarian agenda.

What a disheartening spectacle! Many of us are now grappling with a profound question: where should we, as a society, draw the line?

Adding insult to injury

Let’s be clear. LGBT rights are not divinely ordained and have never been recognized by any historical civilization. Yet they now threaten well-defined constitutional rights.

Yes, it’s true. Many previous civilizations have tolerated homosexuality. But as any well-read historian will tell you, none of these societies ever accorded them special rights or “they/them” pronoun protections.

We are currently witnessing a gross imbalance in this ideological tug-of-war, and it’s time to bring this to light.

How is the cross, a beacon of faith, hope, and love for millions of Christians across our country, no longer afforded the same level of respect and recognition as the LGBT flag?

America was birthed as a Christian nation. Nowhere in the Declaration of Independence does it mention anything about where people put their private parts.

And why does a flag that champions a group’s sexual preferences take precedence over Old Glory that embodies our nation’s identity?

This gross misalignment is disappointing and an insult to every patriotic American who cherishes the fundamental principles this great nation was built on.

A Prime Example of Injustice

The recent apprehension of 41-year-old Christian preacher Damon Atkins is a prime, stomach-churning example of the skewed respect being given to our constitution’s core values.

Mr. Atkins, who was actively preaching on the streets of Reading, Pennsylvania, found himself arrested for expressing his opposition to an LGBTQ pride event in early June.

His so-called ‘offense’? Holding a sign that declared, “Jesus said, Go and sin no more,” and reciting Bible verses aloud.

A police officer approached Atkins, insisting he ceases his preaching and was even commanded to “respect” the event. But Atkins, standing by his faith, refused to back down.

His reward for such audacity? Immediate arrest, handcuffs, and a cold jail cell. The subsequent dismissal of charges is hardly a consolation for the multiple injustices he suffered.

Let’s enumerate these, shall we?

Firstly, Atkins was permanently stripped of his right to protest the event. It’s not like the police will rerun the pride parade so Atkins can resume his preaching.

Secondly, Atkins was subjected to time behind bars. For what, exactly? Preaching the word of his faith, a right explicitly safeguarded under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

Lastly, Atkins’ arrest serves as a chilling warning to future demonstrators that they could face imprisonment if they fail to show “respect” for the LGBT community.

In a world where the right to express one’s religious beliefs should be untouchable, it’s alarming to see fictional ‘gay rights’ bearing more clout than the expressly stipulated rights of free speech and religious expression.

The case of preacher Damon Atkins serves as a grim reminder of how the so-called ‘LGBT rights’ are being twisted and used as a weapon to curtail the rights of others.

The Raw Truth and Biden’s Pitfall

Our collective conscience is in desperate need of a wake-up call.

In a country where the act of burning the American flag is treated as a protected form of speech, isn’t it a fundamental right for Americans to express their religious convictions freely without the threat of arrest?

Here’s the raw truth – Biden’s relegation of the American flag to a secondary role behind the Rainbow Flag is a troubling omen.

It suggests a shift in America’s sacrosanct values.

No longer are we standing, fighting, and even dying for the defense of the rights and liberties granted to us by God.

Instead, we’re doing so for issues like same-sex marriage, gender-neutral pronouns, and transgenderism. We are championing the rights of drag queens, supporting the indoctrination of children with gay ideologies, and even eroding parental rights.

This is a domestic war, not waged against external adversaries, but against the very citizens it is supposed to represent and protect.

This war was brought into sharp focus on Monday when the White House tweeted a video of Biden telling parents, “These are our kids. These are our neighbors. Not somebody else’s kids; they’re all our kids…”

Elon Musk quickly shot back with a tweet telling Biden, “They are not your kids.”

Biden’s threat to parents echos a scheme once introduced in Scotland through a proposal called “Named Person.”

In 2014, the Scottish Parliament, backed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, proposed to assign a legal guardian to every child in the country.

The plan aimed to appoint a specific person, often a teacher or health visitor, to supervise each child from their birth until their eighteenth birthday.

The legislation even intended to shield children wishing to transition from resistant parents.

There’s no doubt that this is precisely what Biden infers and plans when he declares, “These are our kids…Not somebody else’s kids.”

Yet, in Scotland, the nation’s Supreme Court determined that the legislation infringed upon Human Rights laws.

The legislation’s defeat was deemed a “complete humiliation” for its supporters by conservatives.

Many attributed First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s rocketed downfall and eventual political exile to her relentless attempts to force this anti-parent law onto Scottish families.

Like Biden, she didn’t foresee her fate. She believed she was invincible. Many regarded her as the nation’s sweetheart, even dubbing her “the most popular leader in the Western world.”

However, her political career was terminated when she weaponized her authority on behalf of the Radical Rainbow Mafia.

Presently, she’s said to be penning her memoirs.

Joe Biden may believe he can launch a direct assault on parents, wave the Rainbow Flag in their faces while metaphorically kicking them in the groins in hopes of ending their so-called “cisgender” audacity.

But for a man who struggles with navigating a staircase or exiting a stage, he’s more likely to end up with the dark colors of political bruises when confronting parents than the vibrant colors of the flag he’s waving.


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