Another movie in production to generate hatred toward white people

The film's storyline will center around a woman who seeks to push her Black neighbors, who are supporters of Black Lives Matter, to move

When the artistically gifted leftist set can’t find a good racist to hate, or racist behavior to showcase, they simply create these things and put them on your screen.

The point, after all, is not to speak truth or foster understanding. The point is pure, unbridled hate, and nothing breeds hate for an enemy like caricaturing, stereotyping and mocking them, a la shuffling Uncle Tom blacks or the image of the evil, hook-nosed Jew in prewar Germany.

Hollywood film writer and director Coke Daniels is going this route with an upcoming “thriller” called Karen, reports TMZ, which will even feature an actor who is building her career by caricaturing that creature leftists love to hate, the “Karen”: a racist, bigoted and entitled white woman.

Taryn Manning, who will play the title role, previously appeared as a hateful, bigoted, troubled and insecure young white woman in the series Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

Daniels’ hate-inflaming film is based on the real-life tales of a white woman, predictably also from the South, who terrorizes her new and equally stereotypical African-American, pro-Black Lives Matter neighbors, Assata and Malik. Manning’s character, Karen White, thinks races should stick to their “own kind,” especially when it relates to her neighborhood. She therefore sets out to get rid of the new arrivals by any means necessary. The “good guys” refuse to back down without a fight, however, and the outcome of the film is not hard imagine.

The film is described as a suspense thriller, but Daniels apparently has a lot to teach white America about race and social injustice in America as well as about real-life “Karens,” hence this all-out push to cement stereotypes of whites and blacks alike.

Production for the film is slated to start in the fall with release sometime next year.


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