AR Public School Sends Students to be Proselytized by Muslims

An Arkansas high school assigned interview projects to students for an exhibit "Putting a Face on Islam." Students wrote brief reports along with photos and/or other art works that included Arabic calligraphy, including this from an interview of a mother and child from Indonesia along with her favorite quote from the Quran. (Multimedia photo)

The Idaho Statesman – A high school art project helped students gain a new perspective by connecting them with people of the Islamic faith.

Fayetteville High School students in Ashley Grisso’s advanced placement world history classes worked in groups of two or three. They interviewed Muslims in the community, then told their stories through art.

The students’ work was on display recently at the University of Arkansas’ Kittrell Art Gallery. Each piece of the “Putting a Face on Islam” exhibit was accompanied by a one-page artist statement about the work. Students and their subjects gathered one evening for a reception at the gallery.

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