Armed Black Lives Matter take over Dallas restaurant, shout ‘Silence is violence’

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Just like supporters of Donald Trump didn’t do at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, Black Lives Matter activists in Dallas, Texas marched down the streets recently displaying a firearm and threatening to “burn s— down,” reports RT News.

No one has yet referred to them as terrorists or insurrectionists.

Protesters gathered on the evening of April 13 chanting the name of Daunte Wright – a black man killed in a police shooting several days earlier over the weekend in Minnesota – as well as Marvin Scott III, another black man who died in police custody in Texas last month. Wright was shot after struggling with police during a traffic stop.

Protesters marched down Botham Jean Boulevard, renamed last month after a man shot by a Dallas police officer in 2018 in a case of mistaken identity. The crowd took over a restaurant and picketed a hotel. One of the demonstrators, wearing a red shirt, was caught on video carrying a rifle.

At the restaurant, protesters wearing red shirts chanted “Who burn s**t down? We burn s**t down” and “Silence is violence.” Another video showed them in front of the Statler Hotel chanting “Black Lives Matter.” One of the protesters, wearing a red shirt with the NGAN (Next Generation Action Network) logo, carried what appeared to be a semiautomatic rifle.

Created in 2014, NGAN claims to be “one of the leading voices towards progressive change including the enrichment of communities nationally through education and organized activism.”

While Minnesota declared a curfew and deployed state police and the National Guard to disperse rioters angry over Wright’s death on April 11, the protests in Texas over the death of Scott were just getting started.

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