Army chaplain under fire for sharing a book from evangelical pastor

The book of John Lennox and John Piper on the Coronavirus crisis.

Don’t agree with someone’s viewpoint? Don’t argue with them; report them to the authorities and have them punished for their audacity.

That Taliban-like tactic is standard operating procedure for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which is siding with a group of military chaplains against a U.S. Army chaplain who shared a book from an evangelical pastor using his military email, reports the Washington Examiner.

The nonprofit, whose mission is strict separation of church and state in the U.S. military regardless of Constitutional freedoms, wrote a letter on April 29 to Defense Secretary Mark Esper asking that Col. Moon H. Kim, a chaplain, be punished for promoting evangelical pastor John Piper’s book Coronavirus and Christ.

Because the secretary of defense has nothing more important to do.

“His sending of this book was clearly meant as a full-fledged endorsement and validation of what the book espouses and proclaims. Thus, in CLEAR effect, especially to the recipients of his shocking e-mail, Chaplain (Colonel) Kim is likewise endorsing and validating the very same dictates as established by the author of this book,” wrote Michael Weinstein, the group’s president, on behalf of the complaining chaplains.

The letter complains about a specific portion of Piper’s book that asserts God punishes people for things like “homosexual intercourse” using scourges like the coronavirus.

The foundation says Piper, whom it describes as an “ultra conservative/Reformed/evangelical Christian,” puts forward a “deplorable” argument that the coronavirus is being used by God to judge sinners.

The foundation argued in the letter that Kim deserves harsh punishment for sharing the book and his views. In fact, Weinstein told the Christian Post that he would like to see Kim court-martialed for sharing the book.


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