As parental outrage grows over ‘woke’ schools, so do so-called ‘educational gag orders’

States with Educational Gag Orders/ Facebook

As parents find out en masse just how tainted their children’s schooling has become with instruction about deviant sex and toxic anti-American propaganda, more and more legislation is being drafted to flush those subjects out of public schools.

In the first six weeks of 2022 more than 100 so-called “educational gag order” bills have been introduced, according to a new analysis from the free speech advocacy group PEN America, as reported by Bloomberg.

A total of 155 bills have been introduced or pre-filed in 38 states, including Florida, Indiana, Kansas and Oklahoma, since last year.

A Kansas bill introduced last week suggests “curriculum transparency” and a “parents’ rights” bill. It also makes the classroom use of materials depicting homosexual behavior a class B misdemeanor.

In Indiana, a bill introduced last month would make schools have to talk with parents before they use a student’s “preferred pronouns,” a recognized way for school teachers and other staff to involve themselves with a student’s sexuality.

Another way this occurs is through “clubs.” An Arizona bill would require parental permission before a student joins any school club “involving sexuality, gender or gender identity.”

Florida’s Senate Education Committee passed a bill in February limiting classroom discussion about sexual or gender identity in primary school, along with situations that are not “not age-appropriate.” That bill is pending action by other Senate committees and Florida’s House.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has called Florida’s bill an attack on safety and freedom, though it merely seeks to keep adults out of the sex lives of young people who are not their own children.

Eight other states are weighing similar legislation, which critics have catchily dubbed “Don’t Say Gay” bills. Some 12 bills have become law in 10 states. Of the bills currently being considered, 104 target K-12 schools, 48 target colleges and 62 require punishment for violations.


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