Author Warns of ‘Gender Ideology’ Victims, Urges Church to Stand Up

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse seeks to warn of impacts against children as liberal sexuality ideologies spread. ( photo)

Her warning: we’re living in a sexual state. The sexual revolution has victims. Their ideology is destroying families and people.

During a recent conference Author Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse said that she wanted one thing known for sure if we remembered nothing else: the sexual revolution has many victims.

Morse of the Ruth Institute said that Christian bible-based morality is needed in our society more than ever, to protect children’s rights to a stable family.

But instead, we’re seeing more children being propagandized into new phases in this sexual revolution: gender ideology – following on the heels of contraceptive ideology and the divorce ideology.

“The sexual revolution is destroying lives, but our opportunity is to give voice to these victims,” Morse said. “Their propaganda is unrelenting, though. The bad guys are much better organized than we are.”

An organized left is redefining family so that human sexuality is separated from child bearing, raising children is separated from marriage and all differences between male and female are expunged, she added, giving an outline to her book: The Sexual State

Morse is author of “The Sexual State”

No surprise: most of the victims are children.

The latest is how the left is specifically targeting children, not just in schools, but through promoting new parenting ideas, to raise children to be “gender unbiased” even from birth as “theybies” instead of baby boys or girls.

The left is encouraging parents to not say anything about what sex they are, until the four or five-year-old chooses what sex they suppose they want to be.

According to Morse, this is the latest in the sexual revolution that is more than 50 years old, with one of the early travesties being no-fault divorce that made family break-up much easier – and the likelihood of children growing up in broken homes much greater.

And children are not as strong and resilient as family counselors say.

“They have largely silenced the victims,” Morse said. “We don’t have enough data, but we should be counting the casualties of the sexual revolution.”

Morse warned that what we see in schools reveals an intentional effort to introduce the beliefs of the sexual revolution to younger and younger audiences.

Pushing a transgender ideology is part of this. “The schools are introducing this ideology to younger ages when children are most vulnerable,” she said.

If the state can make you say bruce jenner is a woman, they can literally make you say anything – Morse

Part of the aim is to empower the authority of government over the foundational influences of strong nuclear and extended families, where individualism and critical thinking abilities are better learned.

“If the government can make you say Bruce Jenner is a woman, they can literally make you say anything,” Morse said. “It is propaganda of the sexual state. They care about nothing more than they care about power.”

As churches and concerned individuals try to stand up to this revolution, they immediately face retribution, Morse agreed during questions from listeners.

In a post-Christian culture, she said, “we can’t assume the state institutions will favor us, it is quite the opposite.”

And where does this go from here? According to Morse, “This elevator has not gone all the way to the bottom floor.”

She agreed that the nation is in big trouble because of numerous clear burdens to government budgets, programs and unfunded mandates. She sized up the end result if things don’t change course: “it’s an unsustainable situation,” she said.

“We need to wake up the church,” Morse concluded – get God’s people into the fight. “But people go to church to be comforted, not to get into a fight. It’s a problem with no easy answer.”

Dr. Morse is the founder of the Ruth Institute, a global non-profit organization that defends the family at home and in the public square and equips others to do the same.



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