Black Lives Matter donated $200k to group that calls cops ‘pigs’ and supports cop killer’s release

Equity and Transformation, Richard Wallace

The “Defund the Police” lunacy of 2020 was brutally hard on black Americans, with its 32 percent spike in the murder rate (over 2019) hitting black communities disproportionately.

Black Lives Matter, however, donated $200,000 to a Chicago-based advocacy group whose executive director has condemned police as “pigs” and “bastards” while calling for law enforcement to be defunded, tax documents show.

The group Equity and Transformation, whose stated goals include “to build authentic black equity in Chicago by ending economic violence,” was established in 2018. Its other objectives are to “uplift the voices and power” of black Chicagoans and to build “social and economic equity” for workers while “dismantling anti-Black” racism, according to its website.

Group founder and executive director Richard Wallace has persistently attacked police officers, however, calling them “pigs” on Twitter, declaring it’s “time to defund these bastards” and voicing approval of a poll that claimed 54 percent of Americans thought burning down Minneapolis in the wake of George Floyd’s death was appropriate.

In 2015 Wallace tweeted: “F-ck the Police!” Since then, Equity and Transformation has regularly organized protests against police and stated its goal of reparations for black Americans who allegedly have been denied economic opportunity, FOX News reported on May 23.

Tax forms obtained by The New York Post show Wallace’s group got a $200,000 cash gift from the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation in fiscal year 2021. The stated purpose of the grant was to “conduct activities to educate and support black communities,” according to BLM’s 63-page 2020-2021 Form 990. The form is required for nonprofit groups to keep their tax-exempt status.

Equity and Transformation’s website links to numerous other liberal groups, including Movement for Black Lives, which has called for the release of Sundiata Acoli, sentenced to life in prison in the 1974 slaying of a New Jersey state trooper.


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