CDC says summer camp kids must wear masks indoors, outdoors AND no toy sharing

CDC summer camp mask updates

Finally given the total control that they deserve, bureaucrats at the Centers for Disease Control have been enjoying a nonstop orgy of dictating people’s behavior.

It has now spread to children’s summer camps, and the CDC is cracking down with an iron fist.

The agency has been slammed for releasing “cruel” rules for summer camps that require campers to wear masks both indoors and outdoors and to stay at least three feet away from one another, New York Magazine reports. The “guidance” applies to campers and staffers whether vaccinated or not. Vaccinations, for now, are limited to adults.

“All people in camp facilities should wear masks at all times with exceptions for certain people, or for certain settings or activities, such as while eating and drinking or swimming,” the CDC proclaimed.

According to the CDC, kids at camp should wear their trusty masks for games and athletic activities that take place outdoors when possible. Campers should also avoid close-contact or indoor sports. Sharing of electronic devices, toys, books, and games is to be strictly limited.

The guidance comes as summer camps that have been hit hard by the pandemic – and the response to the pandemic – prepare to welcome new campers in the summer months. About 60 summer camps had to close their doors due to the impact of the pandemic and its response over the last year.

The agency also directed campers to maintain a distance of three feet between all campers within a cohort, at least six feet between all campers outside of their cohort and at least six feet while eating and drinking, including among people within the same cohort.


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