Chase Bank demands the names of conservative donors. The likely reasons why – Video Podcast

In this episode: Chase Bank demands the names of conservative donors. Soccer coach dad suspended over trans comments. DOJ wants more money for J6 arrests. Rubio supporter beaten to a pulp.

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Martin: This one really has me riled up. 

So a couple of weeks ago, I learned that Chase Bank has kicked out Sam Brownback’s religious liberty group counseling its account. 

Chase Bank hasn’t exactly explained why they kicked out this religious freedom group, but they did say they will allow them back in if they do three things. 

First, they must turn over their donor list to the bank. 

Second, they have to tell the bank which candidates they will endorse for office. 

And then the third thing is they have to explain to the bank the issues that concern them when they select that candidate. 

This is shocking to me because I want to know why any bank in the United States needs to know who its donors are before they let you have an account with them. 

Now, I have my suspicions of why, and I will say what I think it is. 

I think it’s because the bank will turn those donors over to the federal government. 

And when they turn them over, they’re going to be run through what perhaps the DOJ thinks are domestic terrorists to see if any of the names appear on their terrorist watch list. 

This freedom group’s name is the National Committee for Religious Freedom. 

Now, Sam Brownback is a former senator. 

He’s a former governor of Kansas. 

He’s hardly someone that you would look at and say, this is a radical individual who needs to be monitored by the bank. 

So why does Chase want to know those donor names? 

Michael: Well, they also may want to know them just so they can find out which of their clients donate to them so they can kick them out of their banking system as well. 

Alec: They’re going to check them and see if they’re Chase customers, and then they’ll give them the boot, too. 

Michael: There’s just one big way to weed all the Republicans and conservatives out of their banking system. 

I mean, that’s the less nefarious reason. 

Martin: Well, I think there’s a more nefarious reason. 

Because look, when you examine parts two and three of what they are asking Sam Brownback’s group to do, which is to name the candidates that his group plans to support and why? 

What are the issues behind supporting those candidates, then? 

It’s clearly a political issue for this bank, right? 

I want to know your donor’s name, number one. 

I want to know who you plan to endorse for running for office. 

I want to know why. 

So all three things have to be tied together because they are tied together. 

So this is a political move by Chase Bank. 

If Chase Bank gets those names, and we already know, Joe Biden and his team have been reaching out to social media groups and telling them what they want and do not want to be said on their platforms. 

So is it any stranger to think that perhaps Joe Biden and the DOJ or some other federal agency are behind asking this bank? 

And it’s probably just the start. This bank to turn over the donor list to Sam Brownback’s religious freedom group.

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