Child Brides Used As Leverage For Islamic Husbands to Reach U.S.

Islamic authorities forced Amin to marry at 13 in Pakistan and then apply for papers for her 26-year-old husband to come to the U.S. “I was a passport to him," she said of her so-called husband. She ran away and disavowed "husband" Tariq, and immigration authorities terminated his petition. (AP photo)

DAWN News – Thousands of requests by men originally from other countries, including Pakistan, to bring child and adolescent brides to live in the United States were approved over the past decade, according to government data obtained by AP news agency.

In one case, a 49-year-old man applied for admission for a 15-year-old girl. The approvals are legal: the Immigration and Nationality Act does not set minimum age requirements.

In weighing petitions for spouses or fiances, US Citizenship and Immigration Services goes by whether the marriage is legal in the home country and if the marriage would be legal in the state where the petitioner lives.

[This is also done the other way around: see photo caption above]

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