Church attacked for fifth time by vandals, this time by Trump hater

Holy Family Church in Dayton has now been vandalized for the fifth time this year.

Dayton’s Holy Family Church has been attacked again by vandals. This is the fifth time the church is being damaged this year. The attacks include vandalism, graffiti, and break-ins, including a graffiti opposing President Trump.

News Center 7 spoke with several people in the community about the recent break-in and what they thought about their church being vandalized.

Ashley McGovern, a construction worker rebuilding a house near the church said, “It’s sad. It used to surprise me. It doesn’t anymore.”

Reports have been filed by the police for the incidents. But the residents feel that it is not enough and that there should be more action taken.

Another resident who recently moved to the neighborhood a month ago while talking about the vandalism attacks said, “It’s kind of rough because that’s a place that people go to worship and be safe. It shouldn’t even be one or two.”

Amber West, a resident of the neighborhood who lives down the street from the church, said that five times is too many for any place of worship to be vandalized.

West said, “Every day, up and down, all day long, something is happening up and down this street.”

News Center 7 tried reaching the priest at Holy Family Church, but the priest declined to comment.


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