Class Asked Whether Trump is Fascist, But Fails to Define Fascism

A Massachusetts school stands behind a teacher's assignment to argue whether President Donald Trump is a fascist, defined as marked by nationalism, sexism, suppression of labor rights, disdain for intellectuals, ruling elites tied to religion, corporatism, obsession with national security and use of divisive scapegoats. Fascism as a totalitarian socialist form of government escapes the scope of the assignment, however. (CBS Boston video still)

The Telegraph – A history teacher asked students at Haverhill High School to determine if President Donald Trump exhibits fascist tendencies, according to WHDH. It was titled “Some People Claim that Donald Trump is a Fascist: Time to Check it Out!”

For Dave Prescott, whose child attends the school, the take-home assignment wasn’t an appropriate way to educate students.

“I support the president,” Prescott told CBS. “I support a lot of the things he does. And for them to talk about fascism, in regards to the president, I just think this isn’t what I’m sending my kids to school for.

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