CNN’s Chris Cuomo: It’s not Christian to defend Trump

Chris Cuomo threatens heckler who called him "Fredo"

A recent tweet by President Trump about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi losing track of her false teeth has apparently wounded CNN host Chris Cuomo deeply, to the point of Cuomo saying that Congressional Republicans cannot call themselves Christians if they defend such an unthinkable remark.

“If you want to hold yourself as a Christian, you can’t make any of the arguments you’re making right now,” Cuomo told former Congressman Sean Duffy during an interview, as described by

Cuomo was quick, however, to defend Pelosi’s inappropriate remarks about the President.

Before introducing Duffy, Cuomo asked: “should you be defending a man when you know it will force you to own the ugliness that he spits out so often that you can’t possibly agree with?”

Duffy admitted that the president “says some pretty rough-and-tumble things,” but pointed out Pelosi’s characterization of the Commander-in-Chief as an “imposter” along with the left’s tendency to call him a “racist, a sexist, (and) a Nazi.” Cuomo pushed back on the idea that Trump has gotten unfair treatment from the left and slammed Republicans for not condemning the remark about poor Rep. Pelosi and her wayward teeth.

“He should not have said that about Nancy Pelosi. It was an ugly remark that is beneath the Presidency.”

When Duffy dared to suggest that people on both sides of the aisle have a “responsibility…to be more respectful with one another,” Cuomo shot back: “why would I take that message from you when you refuse to call out the person who says the ugliest things most constantly?”

Eventually, Cuomo tried calling into question the Christianity of Duffy and every other Republican who defends Trump.


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