Country music star John Rich voices support for bill that bans obscene material in school libraries

John Rich testifying at the Tennessee House of Reps legislative/ Facebook

Some celebrities are not afraid of the woke/cancellation juggernaut, and are calling obscene homosexuality-promoting materials in schools out for what they are: grooming and predation.

At a hearing with the Tennessee House of Representatives legislative committee to discuss a bill banning obscene books, country music star John Rich actually likened teachers and librarians to child molesters stalking and tempting kids, reports

“What’s the difference between a teacher, educator or librarian putting one of these books like you have on the desk of a student,” Rich asked lawmakers in Nashville on Feb. 23, “or a guy in a white van pulling up at the edge of school when school lets out and saying, ”Come on around kids, let me read you this book and show you these pictures?”’

“What’s the difference in those two scenarios?” he demanded to know. “There is a difference, by the way. They can run away from the guy in the white van.” Several attendees could be seen nodding in apparent agreement with Rich, 48.

Sponsored by GOP state Representative Scott Cepicky, the bill would prohibit “the possession of obscene material by a local education agency; a public school, including a public charter school; or an employee or private contractor of a local education agency or public school if the obscene material is harmful to minors and possessed on public school premises.”

The initiative does not provide a specific guide of what’s considered “obscene,” which could pose a problem since leftist educators don’t seem to know what the word means.

“Testifying at the Tennessee House of Reps legislative committee today was quite a deal,” Rich tweeted of his appearance at the state Capitol. “Some supported, some dissented, but Going toe to toe with adversaries is necessary in these times. We must bring the fight to them. We The People are the firewall between tyranny and freedom.”

Hearings on the bill were to continue the following week.


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