Dad’s Funds Wane As LGBTQ Fight to Castrate Son Advances

Jeff Younger says his son James, just like twin-brother Jude, plays and romps like any other boy with their friends, but his mother presents James as if a girl, in dresses and nail polish, enrolled in Pinkerton Elementary School near Dallas, Texas as if a girl named "Luna." (Facebook photo)

A Dad in Texas continues the fight against two high-dollar LGBTQ-activist legal firms to protect one twin son from being chemically castrated and treated as if a girl and the other twin from the confusion of it all.

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And Dad’s funds are running low as the long march toward an October 15 trial date moves slowly onward.

Jeff Younger is dad to twin boys James and Jude, but his ex-wife insists that James is a girl. The clock is ticking on this, as chemical castration processes can begin in about a year for James.

Jeff appeared on a YouTube channel, Warriors for Christ, where he explained and answered questions about this extraordinary case.

“They use Lupron, and it results in chemical castration,” Jeff Younger said. “If they do this, my son will never be able to have children. My son is a year away from this starting – they begin as young as age eight.”

The custody case has been underway for a couple of years, with Younger’s ex-wife Anne Georgulas, a pediatrician, helped by activist attorneys from two of the Dallas-area’s most prestigious law firms.

She is well supported as her pro-LGBTQ case affirms what wealthy liberals want for a transgender agenda. Expert testimony is abundantly available cost free.

Transgender ideology is congratulated and supported in society, even celebrated in military ranks as seen here, a recent ceremonial gathering with U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, for it is a super-funded political left that advances and funds their causes at every level. Meanwhile, one dad trying to fight for his son’s true identity sees his capability to do so wane due to a lack of funding. (AP photo)

In contrast to that largesse, Jeff ambles from $250,000 in legal-related expenses and depends on a fund-raising campaign for future expenses that limps past the half-way mark toward a $75,000 goal. He must also raise money for experts and professionals representing his side.

The schools and therapists help Georgulas in transitioning James into the life of so-named “Luna” attending Pinkerton Elementary School near Dallas. They are all agreed that James’ best interests center on his becoming female “Luna” – as if he actually can become a girl.

“As his father and protector, I know they are all wrong,” Jeff said. “James has never, not even one time ever, presented himself as a girl to me. He only pretends to be a girl when he’s with his mother.”

Georgulas wants all parental rights stripped from Jeff. Her case is very aggressive, demanding that Jeff treat James as if a girl.

Even getting a haircut for James, as Georgulas uses hair-growth treatments to try to grow out James’ hair long, is a process of court filings and treatment certifications, running costs into the thousands of dollars just to keep James’ hair trim.

Attorneys for Georgulas fought for and won annulment of their five-year, multiple-children marriage – not a divorce, annulment – so their pre-nuptial agreement dropped as if never married, and Georgulas would gain footing on about $30,000-worth of damages against Jeff.

I can’t take him to my church. We are christians, and we teach the bible

Jeff Younger, James and Jude’s dad

“Lawyers I have talked to say they have never seen this before, to annul a five-year marriage? Never,” Jeff said. “It is as if officially we were never married – and my kids are illegitimate. Some lawyers, 30-years of practice in family law, tell me, no, never before. This attorney was willing to do that so I would owe on my own truck.”

The legal strategies have again and again focused on running Jeff Younger’s resources dry while stacking the legal consequences against him if he fights the transgender ideology behind Georgulas’ claims.

Georgulas wants Jeff to be jailed if he calls James a boy or refers to male pronouns with James outside the home. She wants Jeff jailed if he refuses transgender education/indoctrination classes or fails to answer the ideological test questions right.

If Jeff allows others to use male pronouns regarding James, Jeff should be jailed, according to Georgulas’ legal filings. If Jeff fails to pay for transgender therapies and eventual mutilation surgeries, Georgulas would have Jeff jailed for that.

The courts continue to take these petitions seriously. Still, a silver lining in this is a judge who does respond to reason, according to Jeff. There is no sealing of court records as motioned by Georgulas attorneys, and the petitions are on hold.

“He said not to try to change things before the jury trial,” Jeff said.

Jeff remains under a court injunction that prohibits him from trying to convince his son that he really is a boy. This impacts the meager visitation rights he has, as he can’t explain his beliefs to either James or Jude, who ask questions about all of this.

“I can’t take him to my church,” Jeff said. “We are Christians, and we teach the Bible, Genisis, male and female.”

Jeff first encountered a problem when James told him about a game mommy was playing. At age three, “he tells me, mommy says I’m a girl. She puts me in dresses, paints my nails, everything.”

Jeff couldn’t attend James’ fifth birthday, which Georgulas used as an opportunity to “present” James as a girl, “Luna” – in a dress. Some church friends of Jeff’s said they saw James upset about it as he was being dressed.

“None of these people will come out and testify about it, though,” Jeff said. “A lot of people refuse to believe this is happening, because of what it costs to stand up to this and confront it.”

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