Double Murder Was Islamic Honor Killing, Dad Cries ‘Allahu Akbar’

Ronnie Oneal IV, 8, received horrific injuries from a knife attack. Ronnie Oneal III, participating in his own defense with carefully explained letters about venue, the 14th Amendment and due process, has been declared mentally unfit to stand trial. (Chad Chronister/Twitter photo)

Daily Mail – Detectives have revealed how a critically injured eight-year-old boy told officers his father was responsible for a horrific attack on his family where the boy’s mother was shot dead, his autistic sister stabbed to death and their home set ablaze.

Ronnie Oneal III, 29, was arrested after the March 18, attack on his family in Riverview, Florida. Oneal’s son Ronnie Oneal IV, 8, stumbled out of the burning home when paramedics arrived, suffering burns on his body and a severe stabbing wound that exposed his intestines.

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