Drag Queen Convict Put in California Textbooks as a Role Model by Law

A 2011 California law enforces a pro-LGBTQ agenda for public school textbooks, which resulted in including Sarria’s drag queen lifestyle as "honest" and a "break through" for homosexuals despite his arrest and conviction for solicitation - he was caught during a sting operation that ended his plans to be a teacher. (California Family Council photo)

California Family Council – A famous San Francisco Drag Queen with an arrest record named Jose Julio Sarria is lauded for his honesty in a new second-grade textbook being introduced in school districts throughout California.

The new curriculum was created to comply with a 2011 state law requiring that LGBT historical figures be added to K-12 curriculum. Although the California State Board of Education recommended several textbooks that comply with the FAIR Education Act, the final decision on which textbooks to use is in the hands of local school districts.

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