Fight for Evangelical Votes Heats Up, Reveals Underhanded Leftist Tactics

"Soros's Rented Evangelicals" mini-documentary exposes left-wing ties to Sojourners' liberal leader Jim Wallis and others organizing outdoor-evangelism-style rallies to "flip" evangelical voters to Democrat Party candidates. (Video still)

Conservative HQ – As Soros-funded “ministers” are on buses through swing states to “flip Congress,” our friends with the American Association of Evangelicals (AAE) have just put out a 3-minute video, Soros’s “Rented Evangelicals.”  It provides a lot of info in a short time and is reaching many thousands of people each day through social media.

Soros’s Rented Evangelicals” is a wake-up call that we urge you to share with your family, friends, church and club members to alert them to this assault on the Body of Christ.

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