Forced to Fly the Gay Flag or Face Punishment: Captain Little Took a Courageous Stand

If there are any lingering doubts about whether the LGBT will browbeat its opponents into submission, the story of Captain Jeffrey Little should lay any misconceptions to rest.

A lifeguard captain of over two decades in the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Little had devoted his life to serving with honor and integrity.

However, in March 2023, the LA County Board of Supervisors imposed a resolution mandating that all county-operated facilities hoist the Progress Pride Flag, a symbol celebrating debauchery, sexual deviancy, and a call to arms against anyone considered cisgender.

As a devout Christian, Captain Little objected to endorsing homosexuality and sought a religious accommodation.

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His request was straightforward: he asked not to be required to raise the flag.

Initially, his reasonable appeal was granted, marking a small victory for religious freedom. However, merely two days later, the fire department retracted the accommodation.

On June 22, Captain Little’s Division Chief, Fernando Boiteux, delivered a direct order to him, demanding he raise the Progress Pride Flag.

Boiteux’s message was clear and chilling: “You are an LA County employee; that’s the only thing that matters,” and “Your religious beliefs do not matter.”

Little must have missed that fine print warning on his employee application.

Refusing to be browbeaten, Captain Little held fast to his religious beliefs and was promptly removed from his position the following day.

The brush-off was unequivocal: Forget Little’s First Amendment rights—they are as worthless as shreds of paper blowing in the wind when pitted against the uncompromising demands of the LGBT.

Fortunately, The Thomas More Society has stepped in, filing a federal lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Fire Department on Captain Little’s behalf. They argue that the department’s actions are not only un-American but flagrantly illegal.

Paul Jonna, a Thomas More attorney, voiced the injustice on The Todd Starnes Radio Show, saying Little “courageously stood on principle and asked for a simple religious accommodation—which he is rightfully and legally due—only to be first denied, then threatened, harassed, discriminated against, and retaliated against for his widely shared Christian religious beliefs.”

Imagine that, in the land of the free, a public servant can be cast aside for his religious beliefs and left to grapple with the harsh realities of unemployment and having to find a new way to cover those relentless monthly bills, keep food on the table, and explain to kids why ice cream might become a distant memory.

Jonna continued, “In our great country, Americans can’t even be forced to salute the American flag as a condition of government employment. Yet, in this case, the LA County Fire Department seeks to force Captain Little to personally raise the Progress Pride Flag in violation of his sincere and deeply held religious beliefs—or face termination.”

The lawsuit, filed on May 24, 2024, in the United States District Court, charges the fire department with violating Captain Little’s rights under the First Amendment, federal and state law.

Captain Little’s experience is not an isolated incident.

It reflects a broader trend where individuals with religious convictions are increasingly marginalized, fined, sentenced to sensitivity training classes, or fired for not bowing to the Radical Rainbow Mafia.

The lawsuit seeks to vindicate Captain Little’s religious liberty rights and send a clear message that such blatant religious discrimination has no place in our society.


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