Former GOP lawmaker says ‘Red Flag’ laws are not going to stop mass killings

Former US Senator Jim DeMint blamed the decline in American culture as responsible for mass killings, says 'red flag' laws won't help

New laws are not going to end mass killings, said former GOP lawmaker, Jim DeMint, during a FOX News interview.

The former US Senator from South Carolina said killings are “more symptomatic of a decline in our culture.”

He also added that Congress should do a better job at setting an example of how to treat people.

“They’re probably the biggest instigators of hate and racism and violence in the country right now. So, they need to look inward at just how they behave,” he said.

Federal regulations, particularly ‘red flag’ laws that 15 states have now passed, are not the solution to stopping gun violence, he stated.

Red flag laws allow police to confiscate weapons from an individual if a relative has reported that person to police as a possible danger to themselves or others. A court order is still needed, but has been easy to obtain.

Commenting on red flag laws, DeMint said, “They actually give someone who has a grudge against you the ability to send police to your house, to take your guns away, drag you into court, cost you thousands of dollars and for the most part it’s been against law abiding citizens when they haven’t created any crime.’ 

“As long as you’re trying to look at federal laws that target everybody,” he said, “you generally miss the criminals.”


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