Gay group sues Christian leader for blaming coronavirus on homosexuality

Patriarch Filaret, head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Photo: Shutterstock

Lest anyone think that the pro-homosexual activist world has any belief in the free expression of ideas, an LGBTQ  group is actually suing to silence a Ukrainian church leader who said the coronavirus outbreak is God’s punishment for human sins, including same-sex “marriage.”

Last month Patriarch Filaret, leader of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, blamed coronavirus on gay marriage during an appearance on Ukrainian television. Filaret is the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, one of the biggest branches of Christianity in the country. It claims to have 15 million followers in the nation of 42 million people.

On Ukraine’s Channel 4, Filaret said that COVID-19 was “God’s punishment for the sins of men, the sinfulness of humanity.”

Ukraine’s constitution defines marriage as between one man and one woman, too.

Gay rights advocates said the statements were “dangerous” because blaming an epidemic on a minority could get people hurt. Maria Guryeva of Amnesty International Ukraine said: “Such statements are very harmful because they could lead to increased attacks, aggression, discrimination, and acceptance of violence against certain groups.”

The LGBTQ organization Insight is now suing Filaret, accusing him of disseminating false information on television.

“Our aim is to show people that there is no longer place for such statements from church leaders in Ukraine,” Insight’s leader Olena Shevchenko told Reuters. She said that the group is asking for an apology and for the television channel to run a correction — of an opinion.

“We just want them to be more responsible the next time,” Shevchenko said, evidently meaning, “more pro-homosexual.”

It’s unlikely the church will cave. The Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate defended Filaret’s statements in its own statement: “As the head of the church and as a man, the Patriarch has the freedom to express his views, which are based on morality,” the statement said.


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