Georgia Whip Misses Her Mark When Lashing Against Men’s Body Parts

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp's support of an approved "heartbeat bill" that seeks to protect in-utero people from abortion death at about six weeks gestation riled Democrat Minority Whip Dar'Shun Kendrick into a frenzy that resulted in a tirade of bill proposals against men and even their body parts, fomenting the myth that curtailing abortion is about women's reproductive choices. (AP photo)

The Daily Mail – A Georgia politician proposed law to allow men to be charged with aggravated assault for having sex without a condom in an effort to highlight unfair restrictions on women’s reproductive rights.

The law is part of Democratic minority whip Dar’shun Kendrick’s ‘testicular bill of rights’ – a list of absurd proposals drawn up in response to last week’s passage of a ‘heartbeat bill’ banning abortions in Georgia after six weeks into a pregnancy.

Kendrick’s other proposals include a statewide ban on vasectomies, a law requiring men to obtain permission from their sexual partner before seeking a Viagra prescription and a mandatory 24-hour waiting period for men to buy porn or sex toys.

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