German Court Pushes Back Against ‘Sharia Police’

The "scharia polizei" in Germany use blaze-orange uniforms declaring themselves more in English terms. The uniforms violate German law and draw fines for violators. (National Turk photo)

Sputnik News – A regional court in Wuppertal, Germany, Monday found seven men guilty of breaking a law on uniforms intimidating the community while dressed up as “Sharia police.” A lower court acquitted the group, but the retrial led to a guilty verdict for all seven, aged 27 to 37. Their lawyers said they’d appeal.

Fining them between 300 and 1,800 euros ($2,015) each, the court proved the men knowingly invoked the image of a violent militant Islamist group that enforced strict Islamic laws.

The suspects filmed themselves wearing fluorescent vests that bore the sign of “Shariah police.” They patrolled the streets of Wuppertal and handed out pamphlets on the norms of conduct in the city, which forbid drinking and gambling.

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