GOP is trying to create ‘White Christian nationalism,’ claims Washington Post columnist

Jennifer Rubin, editor at The Washington Post/ Facebook

The loudest mouths of “journalism” must be extremely concerned about the national outlook for child-grooming Democrats, if a Washington Post columnist’s apoplectic rant about Republicans is any guide.

In an April 27 diatribe Jennifer Rubin explained that people who disagree with her politically are wholly dedicated to racist, religious nationalism, reported FOX News.

And “grooming”? That is just “malicious labeling.”

“The media blandly describes the GOP’s obsessions as ‘culture wars,’ but that suggests there is another side seeking to impose its views on others. In reality, only one side is repudiating pluralistic democracy — White, Christian and mainly rural Americans who are becoming a minority group and want to maintain their political power,” Rubin wrote in her enraged diatribe.

From inside her Washington, D.C. bubble, Rubin claimed that the whole concept of Make America Great Again — referring to a time when the economy was good, the currency was strong and the nation had borders and was a model to the entire world — is motivated by hatred of blacks. Because opposition to Black Lives Matter, conceived by an admitted Marxist and devoted to violence and opposition to law and order, means you hate blacks.

Rubin also seemed particularly upset that liberals have a shiny new nickname, which rings uncomfortably true: groomers. This is based on leftist defense of educators who insist on introducing very young children to the concepts of homosexuality and transgenderism, the better to “groom” ever younger and ever more plentiful sex partners.

It’s all just hatred, Rubin claims, of blacks, illegals and gays.

“The right now defines itself not with policies but with its angry tone, its malicious labeling and insults (e.g., ‘groomer,’ ‘woke’), and its targeting of LGBTQ youths and dehumanization of immigrants. Right-wingers’ attempt to cast their opponents as sick, dangerous and — above all — not ‘real Americans’ is as critical to securing power as voter suppression.”

And to make her point, Rubin proceeds to cast her opponents as sick, dangerous and — above all — not ‘real Americans.’ That is, “millions of White Christian Americans who consider themselves victims” are “dedicated to imposing White Christian nationalism” and repudiating pluralistic democracy.”

Will hysteria like this become the creed of a new America?


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