High school justice warriors target Christian athletic club’s LGBT stance

"AIR", an acronym instructing students to, “model acceptance, act with integrity and show respect," objects to membership requirements of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes student club. (Rachel Leathe/Chronicle)

Some students at a Montana High School have found a social-justice cause that lets them condemn Christians and strike a sympathetic pose for homosexuality at the same time.

When the students at Bozeman High School found out that the Fellowship of Christian Athletes requires members to sign a pledge that forbids premarital sex and homosexuality, they went public with claims of discrimination against LGBTQ students and said the club should no longer be sponsored by the school.

The FCA is a nationwide “interdenominational Christian sports ministry to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes,” according to its website.

The BHS students voiced their concerns Monday night at the Bozeman School board meeting.

“We understand that policy can only get us so far,” said Katherine Callow, a student at BHS. “But we found it concerning that a group can be openly discriminatory and have discriminatory views toward an at-risk community in a public school.”

It should be noted that the group excludes only those who do not wish to sign its pledge, which requires a certain standard of behavior, and is not disallowing membership based on race, religion or color.

The students who spoke at the school board meeting said they would like to see the local FCA chapter abandon its standards and break away from the national club’s application that requires students to sign the pledge before joining.

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