Homosexuals Destroyed Thousands of Boy Scouts

Attorney Jeff Anderson highlighted key testimony regarding nearly 8,000 named Boy Scout volunteers victimizing at least 12,254 scout victims, the center of what became known as the "Perversion Files." (New York Times photo)

Charisma News – A tragedy is being uncovered for the world to see: “Sexual abuse scandal rocks the Boy Scouts of America as it is revealed more than 12,000 members were victims of perpetrators who will soon be revealed in perversion files.”

This is shocking and terribly painful. But it is not surprising. It has been reported for years that the Boy Scouts of America was covering up this sexual scandal, whether by hook or by crook.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times in January 2015, “Settlement in sex abuse case keeps Scouts perversion files closed.” Now, at last, this horrific story is coming to the light of day.

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