In Texas, BLM tells rich, white supporters of BLM to give up their spots at prestigious universities

Dallas Justice Now/ Facebook

Even Democrats might start to get a little irritated by the Black Lives Matter movement pretty soon, especially after the Marxist/leftist hate group’s obvious influence on a guilt-and-shame stunt pulled on wealthy liberals in Dallas, Texas.

The group Dallas Justice Now (DJN) has admitted to sending a letter to white Democrats in two wealthy Texas neighborhoods demanding that they pledge not to let their children apply to Ivy League universities, so that black students can attend the schools instead.

DJN, apparently set up very recently, turned up unaccustomed heat on white supporters of Black Lives Matter, demanding that they make “sacrifices to correct centuries of injustice,” reports

The letter specifically called on white people to sign a “college pledge” not to send their children to Ivy League or US News & World Report Top 50 colleges “and instead leave those spots open for students from Black, LatinX, and other marginalized backgrounds who were denied access to these institutions for hundreds of years.”

At Princeton and Harvard, only about 6 percent of the student body is black, according to Data USA. At Columbia and Cornell it is around 5 percent, while Brown is around 7 percent.

A press release from DJN said it sent its outrageous demand out to the “95 percent white Highland Park and University Park neighborhoods.” U.S. Census Bureau data show 88 percent of residents in University Park are white. In Highland Park, 91 percent are white. The neig

hborhoods are among the wealthiest in Texas, with a median household income above $200,000.


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