“It’s Okay To Be White” is a hate crime? University police investigate

In a similar case back in November 2017, a flyer was posted at Montgomery Blair High School saying, "It's okay to be white." The principal suspected the posting was meant to incite racial tension.

A mildly worded statement of racial affirmation printed on flyers has an Oklahoma university in full emergency diversity-enforcement mode, complete with an investigation, a likely suspect and imperious, overblown declarations from university officials.

The offending statement was: “It’s Okay To Be White.”

Authorities launched a search after someone posted the “It’s Okay To Be White” flyers at the Oklahoma City University School of Law. OCU Police Director Bill Citty told The Oklahoman that the flyers were posted Thursday and police believe they have identified the man who committed the apparently outrageous act.

Citty said the man is not believed to be a threat to students or the campus, and that the flyers don’t appear to be a crime because no property was destroyed. Investigators don’t seem so sure that no crimes were committed. They are trying to determine the posters’ intent and whether the actions are a hate crime.

Law school Dean Jim Roth warned everyone that OCU is “intentional and relentless” in supporting diversity and the hatred and exclusion “will not be tolerated.”

How posting flyers that affirm being born with a certain skin color is not morally wrong might constitute “hatred and exclusion” was not explained.

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