Jewish school boy forced to KISS the feet of a Muslim boy

Appalling: The photograph taken from one of the harrowing incidents shows the 12-year-old boy on his knees kissing the shoe of a Muslim boy, allegedly after a group of nine 12 and 13-year-old's threatened him in a park

Daily Mail. A Jewish schoolboy was forced to kiss the shoe of a Muslim boy or face a vicious beating at the hands nine other children who circled him in a park, it has emerged.

A harrowing photograph capturing the appalling moment in a Melbourne, Australia park shows the 12-year-old on his knees kissing the shoe of a Muslim boy, allegedly after a group 12 and 13-year-old’s threatened him with violence. 

It is unclear whether the Muslim boy was forced to pose for the photo by the gang, who have so far escaped disciplinary action, The Age reported.    

In another instance of anti-Semitic abuse in a Melbourne school, a five-year-old boy was called a ‘Jewish cockroach’ and ‘dirty Jew’ by his classmates, who mocked his circumsized penis to such an extent that wet himself instead of using the toilet.

The five-year-old and 12-year-old boys were both withdrawn from class by their distraught parents who scolded senior staff for ‘refusing to address’ the issues. 

The school denied having responsibility for the incident because it did not take place on school grounds, the mother said.

‘I took such offence with the Education Department, because there was nothing they did to protect my son at all, at any point in time – that’s what’s cut me up,’ she said.

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