Keep Those Muslim Community Patrol Cars Off American Streets (Part Five)

It’s easy to see through the lies and deceptions of Imam Siraj Wahhaj.

He’s the radical Muslim cleric who not only approved the deployment of Muslim Community Patrol cars in Brooklyn and Staten Island, but also raised the funds to purchase them.

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What most Americans don’t know about Siraj Wahhaj is that this is not the first time he has deployed Muslim patrols units to police the streets of New York City.

It was back in 1988 when Siraj Wahhaj formed his first Muslim Patrol squads to go after 15 drug dens operating near his Brooklyn Al-Taqwa mosque on Fulton Street.

For the next three decades, Wahhaj would tell the story of how the New York City Police Department praised him for his efforts to get drug dealers off the streets.

According to a NY Times article written in 1988, Wahhaj’s “Moslem Patrol” carried guns and walkie-talkies and had a “reputation for retribution.” 

By 1991, Wahhaj’s security force was becoming so violent that it raised skeptical eyebrows from both residents and police officers.

“A private police force,” the NY Times wrote in 1991, “as heavily armed and sometimes as violent as the drug dealers it is hired to confront, is stalking the dealers in some of Brooklyn’s poorest neighborhoods.”

Wahhaj would tell the NY Times, “We are willing to fight, willing to die and willing to kill, although I want to stress that we only kill in self-defense.”

And kill they did.  One guard was charged with second-dgree murder (though later acquitted) and another shot and crippled a man.

The violence and guns seemed acceptable, because Wahhaj was trying to make the streets family friendly.

However, a Muslim I spoke to, Abdul, who lived in the area during those years, tells a very different story on why Wahhaj formed the Moslem Patrol.

“This was just a front,” Abdul said.  “These Moslem Patrols had their own thing going on, their own drug dealings, and they didn’t want these other drug dens operating in their backyard.  This is how they got the money to build up that mosque, which used to be made of concrete, but now there’s marble everywhere.

“It came from selling drugs,” he told me.

But Abdul admitted that Wahhaj did succeed in getting the 15 competing drug dens shut down, though he laughs at the claim the New York Police Department praised his efforts.

“They didn’t praise him,” he said of the NYPD.  “They beat the crap out of him and that’s why he eventually shut down the Moslem Patrol.”

Siraj Wahhaj help raise funds for the MCP cars and approved their deployment.

According to Abdul, the police didn’t like Wahhaj’s Moslem Patrol using weapons and clubs to beat up local drug dealers. 

“The police didn’t like their violent tactics and they went in and beat the sh** out of him while he was in the mosque.  They said, ‘You ain’t that big now, are you’?”

There’s no question the thrashing was a setback for Siraj Wahhaj’s ego, but he would dust himself off and eventually become known around the world as “America’s Imam.”

And he has never abandoned his idea that America needs to be sharia compliant.

He once said, “Islam is better than democracy” and spoke of his support for Islamic forms of punishment.

“Where ever you came from, you came to America.  And you came for one reason – for one reason only – to establish Allah’s deen,” he told a Muslim audience in Dallas, TX.

At another Muslim conference in Orlando, FL he said:

“I’m on a mission in New York City and listen, it’s our secret.  It’s our secret.  Keep it here in Orlando.  I’m trying to get every Muslim in New York City, thousands of Muslim businesses, to encourage them not to put in their store anything that would be detrimental to the people.”

Those items would include pornography, alcohol and pork products.

“We’re going to start in New York City, then we’re coming to Orlando,” he said smiling, meaning he was coming to the rest of the United States.

The Muslim Community Patrol cars, which are modeled and decaled to look virtually identical to NYPD police cars, are on New York City streets because Imam Siraj Wahhaj helped purchase them and approved their deployment.

They are there to enforce Sharia on Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Jews and Christians are no friends to Islam, Imam Wahhaj says in an audio tape.

The liberal media, which couldn’t spot a radical Islamist if their necks were under a jihadist’s blade, would have Americans believe that these Muslim Patrol cars are simply vehicles to keep Muslims safe from Islamophobes.

But the history of Siraj Wahhaj tells a different story, one filled with lies, deceptions, threats, violence and acts of forced submission.

There is no place in America for Muslim Community Patrol cars and they need to get off our streets.

And I’m not the only one saying it. 

In Part Six, we’ll examine how four mosques in the Brooklyn community are coming together to demand Siraj Wahhaj keep his Muslim Community Patrol cars out of their area.

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