Knitting company is selling ‘soft packer’ fake genitalia … for children

Stitchbug Studio

In a bizarre twist on wigs for chemotherapy patients or blankets for old folks, an American craft company is offering knitted “packers” for transgender children to place in their underwear for the appearance of having male genitals.

There are even varying lengths, reports

Stitchbug Studio says their male-genital-shaped Bitty Bug Soft Packer product is “appropriate for children,” their other “gender affirming” products being fit only for teens and adults.

The $6 item is available in multiple colors and sizes between 1in-2.5in and was even reportedly advertised on the company’s website using a photo of a teddy bear with a bulge in his children’s underpants. That disturbing image appears to have been removed from the company’s website.

The product listing was shared on Twitter on May 16 and drew a storm of criticism branding it “insane.” Outspoken UK trans campaigner Rose of Dawn labeled the idea “absurd” and “inappropriate”.

“Packers” have become popular in the adult trans community, but the new, tiny product alarmed many.

The vendor responded to the criticism by removing the image of the bear and adding a disclaimer: the product is not aimed at “infants or very young children” but rather at “the parents of transgender youth who have expressed their gender-affirming needs … Clearly, infants and toddlers are not capable of expressing that kind of need.”

However, the item’s blurb still states the item is available in “youth sizes”, and Rose believes the changes are “damage control” for the company’s “dodgy” product.


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