Kraft Peanut Butter launches ‘His, Hers, Them & Theirs’ transsexual storybook for children

Does the brand of peanut butter on your shelf help blind your children to the scientific fact that they are either male or female? If not, it’s time to get woke and buy Kraft.

Following the trend of major corporations appointing themselves as overseers of morality, Kraft Peanut Butter has announced the launch of His, Hers, Them & Theirs: Learning Pronouns with the Bears, a children’s book intended to honor Transgender Awareness Week.

And yes, you should be thinking about these things while eating your sandwich.

According to a press release at, Kraft Peanut Butter has some marketing “bears,” Crunchy and Smoothie, who appear in the book to make inaccurate, delusional pronoun use part of children’s lives. Of course the book was written by a transgender author, Nick North, and an “LGBTQ2S+” illustrator, Paul Dotey, the better to indoctrinate kids into slavishly enabling the gender-bending fantasies of others.

Kraft Peanut Butter says it wants to “normalize” such delusions, and of course to encourage acceptance, inclusivity and safety, bringing communities together by making everyone indulge what is basically a form of extreme maladjustment.

Transgender Awareness Week culminated in the Transgender Day of Remembrance on Nov. 20 (sorry; it’s past for this year and you missed the festivities), a day that honors transgender people killed by the rest of us.


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