Land O’ Lake drops ‘racist’ Native American icon after nearly 100 years

Many on social media are celebrating the move, criticizing the company for using the image of a Native American woman for its branding in the first place. (Getty Images)

Taking the image of a non-white person off of your product just because she’s non-white seems racist, right?

Not if you’re a leftist. The proper leftist thing to do is to take her off the package and forget you ever knew her. That’s the upside-down and backwards way to show respect for someone.

Land O’ Lakes has done just this, banishing the highly familiar Indian-maiden image from its butter and dairy product labels, after people on social media and other moral preeners accused them of racism for using the fictional character.

FOX News reports that for the company’s updated, woke, 2020 look, the farmer-owned dairy cooperative has opted instead for just a landscape, uncontaminated by attractive Native Americans.

The logo, which has been the Minnesota company’s label for nearly 100 years since it was founded in 1921, has been called “racist” and condemned for its use of the “butter maiden.”

The new label was announced in a press release from Land O’ Lakes in February. The release said “the new packaging will show up in a variety of ways, including through a new front-of-package design that features the phrase ‘Farmer-Owned’ above the LAND O LAKES brandmark,” as well as include pictures of farmers on the label.

Good thing the maiden, who was known as Mia, isn’t real. She would be out of a job.


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