Marine Corps surrenders to atheist group, cancels Christian veteran’s presentation

Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Under pressure from a group dedicated to silencing Christian leaders in the military, the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) has canceled a speaking engagement simply on the basis that the speaker has ties to Christian groups.

This would indicate that the Marine Corps finds Christian beliefs distasteful and dangerous, perhaps on a par with Nazism, pedophilia, drug use or other criminal activity.

The Corps’ canceled training session has fueled Congressional scrutiny of both the military and the nonprofit group that appeared to prompt the cancellation.

Air Force veteran Jay Lorenzen was to speak at a session for JAG reservists on July 17, but the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) relayed “concerns” from “clients” about Lorenzen’s dangerous beliefs making their way into his talks. An MRFF press release boasted on July 18 that President Michael Weinstein was able to make the Corps jump up and obey in just 64 minutes.

Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., told FOX News on July 20 that he was “appalled” by the USMC’s “willingness to quickly cave to Mikey Weinstein’s atheist demands to eradicate Christianity from our military.”

“ … banning a former Air Force Academy professor from leading a Marine Corps training because of his Christian beliefs is absolutely unconscionable. I look forward to discussing this with Department of Defense officials at our meeting on Thursday,” said Collins, who is a military chaplain.

Weinstein maintains that the USMC’s session was unconstitutional, and says the quick cancellation is proof.

“The fact that the Marine [senior] leaders called back on my personal cell phone 64 minutes later and simply said ‘done’ following up with that confirming email makes it QUITE clear that the senior leadership in Washington agreed with us 100%,” he crowed.

Weinstein went on that the officials involved in planning the session should receive “visible and aggressive punishment” for allowing Christianity to be spread among Marines.


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