Mass Resistance Rising Against Homosexual, Transgender Agenda

The Mass Resistance movement began in 1995 by Brian Camenker in the state of Massachusetts as a rallying point against left-wing militants. Today they confirm that Camenker continues to lead Mass Resistance as its director and “main reporter.” (Twitter photo)

They delved into pedophilia criminality by two Houston-area leaders of the Drag Queen Story Hour movement, and Houston got the “we’ve got a problem” message.

Houston quashed the pro-homosexual circus luring children to libraries.

And Mass Resistance Organization Director Arthur Schaper told the Christian Action Network last week that their work is only just beginning.

“This is by no means the end of that effort,” Schaper said. “We are delving into criminal histories elsewhere, but we are not ready to say where yet.”

The Mass Resistance organization of parents and ministers started in Massachusetts: but wait, that’s where state-approved homosexual marriage and state-sponsored “pro-gay” propaganda in schools began, said Schaper.

He added that the growth of the movement from Massachusetts was inevitable as more American families and others across the world were repeatedly hit by the madness of the “LGBTQ” agenda.

From parents and ministers in Massachusetts in 1995, Mass Resistance has grown to organized activists in many American states and more than a dozen nations across the globe. (Mass Resistance photo)

According to Schaper, harmful points of contact are scheduled to expand on an exponential rate if the so-called “Equality Act” is passed by the U.S. Congress and signed into law.

Schaper said that a quash now of that effort to empower so-called “sexual minorities” to act as if protected classes in America is necessary to preserve religious liberty in America.

“Our goal now is to target individual lawmakers, especially freshmen, in the U.S. Congress, to fight the so-called Equal Opportunity Act,” Schaper said.

The Equality Act, “is really the exact opposite, they should call it the inequality act,” he said. “We intend to stop that.

“I got a real education in how committee work is done,” Schaper said. “We will fight this in the committee process, and there are six committees dealing with this. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

we thoroughly understood the threat of sexual radicalism

Brian Camenker is noted as a conservative activist in the state of Massachusetts who founded the Parents’ Rights Coalition in 1995, morphing into the Article-8 Alliance in 2003 during the “gay marriage” crisis there.

In 2006, the leaders of the coalition of parents decided to rename their movement going forward under the banner of “Mass Resistance” based in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Online, they state that Mass Resistance, “provides the information and guidance people need to confront assaults on the traditional family, school children and the moral foundation of society.”

Their statement adds, “In 2006, our role as the true resistance to tyrannical government became clear. We were in the first state to see homosexual activism in the schools.

. . .  “we thoroughly understood the threat of sexual radicalism, curtailed freedom of speech, uneven application of the law, judicial activism and post-constitutional government.”

The site confirms that Camenker continues to lead Mass Resistance as its director and “main reporter.”


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