McCarthy Sounds Alarm on Possible Terrorist ‘Sleeper Cells’ in the US

"Their could be sleeper cells right now in America,” Kevin McCarthy said on Sunday’s Meet the Press.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy voiced concerns about potential terrorist “sleeper cells” within the United States. His comments come in the wake of increased tensions following the tragic carnage in Israel involving Hamas.

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McCarthy, 58, placed some of the blame on the current southern border situation overseen by President Joe Biden. He pointed out that 18 individuals on the FBI’s terror watch list were detained at the border just last month.

This year alone, the total stands at more than 160, surpassing the combined figures of the previous six fiscal years.

In a recent interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, McCarthy stated, “If you simply look at the chaos right now, a wide-open southern border. I’m concerned about a cell sitting inside America today.”

He further expressed his alarm by adding, “When we’re looking around the Middle East and the uprisings popping up around Europe and others, their could be sleeper cells right now in America.”

McCarthy also highlighted the urgent need to bring American hostages trapped in Gaza back to safety and emphasized Israel’s right to self-defense, saying they should have “every resource they need to defend themselves.”

On the topic of border security, McCarthy praised Rep. Tom Emmer’s (R-MN) contributions, stating, “Tom Emmer has been a part of our successes from not just winning the majority but being in the room to help us pass a border security bill, to make us energy independent, Parents Bill of Rights, [and] to stand up when the Democrats wanted to defund the police and decriminalize some of those laws.”

Regarding the broader geopolitical scenario, the former House Speaker asserted that confronting Hamas requires addressing Iran’s involvement.

“We have to destroy Hamas, but you cannot do it without confronting Iran,” he remarked, highlighting Iran’s financial and oil production growth during President Biden’s tenure.

McCarthy stressed the importance of a strategy different from the administration’s approach in Afghanistan and vowed to ensure the safety of all Americans abroad.

Following his commitment, McCarthy concluded, “Every American has to come home. No one will be left behind. And I can do that as a congressman. I can do that as a citizen. And I will do it and stand up for the American people.”


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