Muslim Community Patrol Officers are being described as ‘bullies’ and ‘gangsters’

Nazrul Islam (pictured) serves as the Imam of Muslim Community Patrol & Services. Some residents in Brooklyn are accusing its officers of acting like "bullies" and "gangsters." (VOA photo)

By Martin Mawyer

Christian Action Network Exclusive. The “bullying” and “gangster-like” tactics of New York City’s Muslim Community Patrol & Services is beginning to create a community backlash, say informants familiar with the self-described “civilian patrol organization.”

MCP&S gained international attention in the fall of 2018 after several of its police-looking patrol cars were spotted in Brooklyn and Staten Island. 

The Muslim group originally stated that its purpose was to serve as a liaison between Muslims and the NYPD.  But after two consecutive mosque shootings in New Zealand last March, where a gunman live-streamed his murder of 51 Muslims on Facebook, MCP&S publicly altered its purpose.

MCP&S now describes itself as a law enforcement organization, claiming its goal is to “protect members of the local community from escalating quality-of-life nuisance crimes.”

It’s precisely that “law enforcement” purpose that is now landing MCP&S into hot water with NYC residents, particularly those living inside the Brooklyn area of Bedford-Stuyvesant.

“They are bullying people and getting out of their patrol cars looking like gangsters,” said one informer.  “The people in Bed-Stuy don’t want them there.”

MCP&S originally had a force of three patrol cars when it first formed in November 2018, but it now has seven cars on the streets of NYC with the intention of purchasing 23 more cars in the near future.

The MCP cars are nearly identical to NYPD patrol cars, with both having Ford Taurus models and both sharing similar decal schemes, colors and emblems.

Though the MCP cars do not have physical lights on their hoods, they do have emergency flashing lights in the front and back windshields.

“A lot of people can’t tell them apart,” said the informer.  “In fact, most people think they are NYPD detective cars, especially if they are driving behind you.”

Significantly, some MCP officers have been driving their patrol cars with their emergency lights in continuous flash mode, even when not responding to an emergency.

“They never turn them off and people are seeing these lights and thinking, NYPD,” the informer stated.

The cars also have sirens, which another informer says is being used to intimidate people.

“They turn on their sirens when they see non-Muslims park next to a mosque during Friday prayer services,” said the second informer. 

“They get out of their cars and start humiliating these people, telling them they have to move their cars and that they can’t park next to a mosque because they’re not a Muslim, even though it’s completely legal for them to park there,” he said.

In addition, MCP officers are patrolling sidewalks near mosques and stripping people of their open containers of alcohol.  Though open containers of alcohol are a city violation, an NYPD officer issuing a ticket typically resolves it.

“In some cases, these MCP officers are kicking the beer out of their hands or yanking it from them and pouring it out on the streets,” the informer said.  “These guys aren’t police officers and they don’t have the right to take someone else’s property and destroy it, even if a person is committing an offense.”

“They talk to these people like the ARE the police,” he said.  “And a lot of people in the Bed-Stuy community are getting fed up with it.  Some are demanding a meeting with the district attorney, including the Muslims in the community.”

Both informants, however, agree that the NYPD still favors the “services” provided by officers who drive the Muslim Community Patrol Cars.

“The local captain, he don’t care if they’re enforcing Sharia law.  The police see them as helping them with their jobs.”

Christian Action Network has produced a 16-page report on Muslim Community Patrol cars and their agenda to enforce Sharia law in New York City.  CAN president, Martin Mawyer and Ryan Mauro, the national security to the Clarion Project, wrote the dossier.

CAN has also produced a short documentary film on the subject called, “The 7 Things You Need to Know About Muslim Community Patrol Cars in New York City.”


  1. Knew this day would come they welcome with their culture and religion , then they are presented as helping law enforcement and the final step will be under Sharia law they will take over as the police, the liberal government there will let them and neuter the real police and next you know NYC citizens will be completely under Sharia law the real police will not able to do anything the liberal government will let them control everything . This has already happened in Dearborn MI, people still don’t see the invasion from within with help of liberal governments that’s going on in this country!

  2. This is outrageous! Liberals are ruining every major city in the US. How can the leaders approve this and allow this to happen?
    All the more reason to get out of liberal run cities/states. The leftists are unamerican and are ruining our country. Vote Trump 2020

  3. Why does this posting calling these individuals as officers. They are not officers and identifying them as such furthers the confusion about these thug religious vigilantes. Please correct your posting.

  4. Some of the Christian Crusades long ago were against the oppression of Muslims and their laws/culture. If we don’t get a handle on this RIGHT NOW, it will become the next civil war. But there will be nothing civil about it.

  5. Bunch of B.S. More politicians selling America out and prepping for a takeover of our Republic. Lock and load people. It’s coming, sooner or later but it’s coming. The Libs are all in on this giant scam to subvert our election and take over our goverment.

  6. When you have an avowed Communist and failed presidential candidate mayor, like Bill ‘big bird’ De Blasio running the city, be prepared for any horror.

  7. Look, I fact-check things for two reasons:
    1) if its too crazy to believe even if “some” people wish it was; for
    That was FAKE. (Even way outdated, though it “appeared” to be from
    2) if its “believable” but the source is not familiar to me, like this article:
    So I’ll have to check out the source, “before” I re-post it.

  8. At some point the Christian community, and others, have to accept that we are no longer s nation of laws. You can’t vote corruption out of office when it’s as deep as it is now. You have to organize and become the power source needed to overcome the tyranny we now experience. You know, ‘power to the people’ !


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