Minneapolis residents say ‘reimagined police department’ is costing lives, sue city

Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

There are more rumblings of unrest in Minneapolis, ground zero of the “protests” that racked several large U.S. cities during 2020.

Only this time, it is residents who are getting restless at their leftist, anti-law-enforcement city leaders.

Several Minneapolis residents are suing the city over the City Council’s insistence on “reimagining” the police department, which they say has left the department thinly manned and residents in a state of fear.

Fox 9 Minneapolis reports that a “group of residents have had enough of the crime and violence in the city of Minneapolis, arguing in a lawsuit that there aren’t enough police patrolling the streets right now.”

“The lawsuit claims the city is falling short on MPD staffing levels required in its own city charter,” the report went on.

The plaintiffs say they want to see the police reformed and are generally supportive of changes to law enforcement, but if the city wants to force change by under-staffing the police department, councilmembers must know the risks.

“We are here because of people’s safety,” Cathy Spann, one of the plaintiffs, said in a press conference. “We want law and order. We want reform. But we are in this city to say, enough is enough.”

“This is like all they are focused on is having a reimagined police department while we’re focused on staying alive,” another plaintiff added.

The plaintiffs say they have repeatedly asked the City Council to address increasing violence in Minneapolis and the city’s spiraling homicide rate. They say that the council has allowed the police department’s staffing to fall beneath employment quotas and is not attempting to attract new officers or persuade old ones to remain.


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