Missouri Law Bans Abortions Killing In-Utero People

Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed the pro-life bill into law, and pro-abortion groups including the popular mass media are in a state of riotous malice in response: this law protects in-utero people and their right to escape death by abortion. (AP photo)

The Daily Mail – Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed a bill banning abortions on or beyond the eighth week of pregnancy without exceptions for cases of rape or incest, making it the latest state to induce broad new restrictions on women seeking the procedure.

The law takes effect August 28 and punishes doctors who violate the eight-week cutoff with 5-15 years in prison. Proponents of abortion are expected to challenge the law in court, though it’s unclear when that will happen.

The measure includes exceptions for medical emergencies, such as when there is a risk of death or permanent physical injury to “a major bodily function of the pregnant woman.”

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  1. Abortion is about fetuses and embryos! Not ‘people’!
    [To use that sort of terminology just to suit your narrow agenda is fraud and disingenuous – you make yourselves look like uneducated fascists]


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