More Pro Women’s Athletes Standing Against Transgender Oppression

Sharron Davies, pictured in 2014, recently spoke out against the phenomenon of men competing as if female in women's sports. Additionally she said, "Every single woman athlete I've spoken to, and I have spoken to many, all of my friends in international sports, understand and feel the same way as me." (Shutterstock photo)

The Daily Mail – In order to ‘protect women’s sport’, transgender athletes ‘with a male sex advantage’ cannot take part in female competitions, according to ex-Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies.

The two-time Commonwealth Games gold medalist said she knows, “many other female athletes who feel the same way.” Speaking to BBC Sport, Davies, 56, added, “it is not a transphobic thing.”

The news comes as 18-time tennis Grand Slam tennis singles champion Martina Navratilova apologized for comments described as transphobic by one campaign group.

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