Mystery Virus Plagues Dallas

Doctors in the Dallas-Fort Worth region of Texas, a state bordering Mexico, announced a noted spike in cases of "chronic viral infection" that impacts its victims for more than a month, sometimes two. (Facebook photo)

CBS Dallas – Some battle what seems like a chronic cough for maybe a month or more. Physicians with Texas Health Dallas see a spike in such cases, according to a spokesperson.

It’s a virus, different from a common cold, flu or allergies for that matter. And according to Doctor Gary Gross, who is on staff with Texas Health Dallas, it can last four to six weeks, maybe even longer.

“The cough is unusual in two respects,” Dr. Gross said. First, a lot more people have it. According to Gross, he is seeing at least one patient a day with the virus. For perspective, he usually sees one a week — tops.

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