Navy’s ‘Eradicating Extremism’ program makes exception for Black Lives Matter

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Inspired by leftist activism in its leadership, the U.S. Navy is sailing bravely off to war against its own personnel, and with apparently no idea who the actual enemy is.

The branch of the U.S. military that rules the seas released new mandated training materials on “eradicating extremism,” which includes the claim that Black Lives Matter is not a political or extremist organization, according to The Daily Wire.

This is the same Black Lives Matter that was at the center of fiery riots in which businesses, monuments, statues and human lives were destroyed numerous times in 2020.

According to declassified memos, the Department of Defense is requiring the Navy to host anti-extremist training following the Jan. 6 protest at the U.S. Capitol — since it involved conservative supporters of President Donald Trump, and two incidents of internal misbehavior.

The training clarifies that the Navy “prohibits any member of the naval services from participating in any organization advocating supremacist causes, advocating illegal discrimination, or advocating the use of force or violence against the U.S. government or a state government.”

An organization called “White Lives Matter,” therefore, would be immediately prohibited.

The training is called a “stand-down” in internal memos and is required to be completed by April 6.

Naval officers are now on notice that “offensive jokes” are considered “prohibited conduct” as well as “offensive objects or pictures.” Other behaviors deemed too violent, ruthless and hurtful for use by armed fighting men include “insults or putdowns” and “name-calling.”

In the social media portion of the training, naval officers were told they were no longer free to “retweet or like” any material that promotes discrimination based on race, color, religion sex (including gender identity), creed ethnicity, national origin, or sexual orientation.

The training manual said it is appropriate to discuss Black Lives Matter in the workplace because it “is not politically partisan in nature.”

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